Monday, September 11, 2017


Disruption:  I've entered a health situation where I am sick most every day.  As such I am forced to focus upon my personal works.

There is also a change in my life.  After 53 years of existence, as an adopted now adult child, I've learned that my biological DNA family is now inquiring into my existence.  After having dealt with the feelings of absence, through my poetry especially, I now have a paradigm shift of major degree.

I have a really interesting interview with numerous people from the comic book industry on the way, but, likely, once it appears I will be taking a time away from the internet to both deal with health issues and to focus upon the works that I am doing, but have stalled due to health.

I am not sad, or overly down in spirit, what I am is exhausted.  As this fingers its way from my entrails to my brain, I become unable.

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